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Tải Catalog

Tải Catalog

General Catalogue General Catalogue
This fiber has good heat and chemical resistance, electric insulating property and will be used in more industrial area for useful material.
Alumina 7
Alumina 7 has excellent heat resistance, high strength, high modulus and electrical insulation ability. Alumina7 can be expected wide range of applications
TAIEN cloth obtain high evaluation for safe and antidisaster products in all industrial field.
Hi-Coat Cloth
Hi-coat cloth is made by glass fiber cloth with silicone, fluoro resin and others. It can be used in outdoors and wet circumstances.
NGC and NGT is made by bulked E-Glass fiber.
Nitigura Jacket
The insulation jacket for injection molding machine.
Save Energy Jacket
The insulation jacket for valve, flange, boiler, heat exchange and tank.
This is made by stainless wire. We can arrange sewing thread and felt.

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